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QBCC licence and other fees are set by regulation and increase according to the Government Indexation Rate. For 2024-2025, the Government Indexation Rate is zero percent. Therefore there was no fee increase on 1 July 2024. 


Why register notifiable work?

By registering notifiable work with the QBCC, we can ensure that plumbing and drainage work continues to be performed to a high standard, maintaining the health and safety of the community.

When to register

Notifiable work must be registered with the QBCC within 10 business days of issuing an invoice for the work. 

If you do not issue an invoice for the work (for example work on your own home), you must register it when the work becomes operational.

Cost to register

  • $34.50 for electronic registrations done online through myQBCC
  • $46.59 for manual registration using a downloadable form

How to register notifiable work

If you register the work online, myQBCC provides a guided view with helpful tips to step you through each phase of the registration process.

  1. Gather digital copies of plans and other document related to the plumbing job you are registering.

    These will need to be uploaded to myQBCC during the registration process.

  2. When registering online through myQBCC, you must ensure that all details are correctly entered and the fee is paid for the record to be lawfully made.

    We have a user guide to help plumbers and drainers register notifiable work  on myQBCC. It explains everything from logging in to your myQBCC account through to paying for and amending or cancelling a completed registration (Form 4/4A). 

    The online registration fee is $34.50. (NOTE: There is no fee to register notifiable work on behalf of a public sector entity).

    To register notifiable work online you can:

    • login or register for myQBCC 
    • click the Plumbing tab 
    • choose Register notifiable work — Form 4/4a from the sub-menu
    • 'create new'
    • complete all form fields
    • upload digital copies of your supporting documents
    • submit form
    • pay fees using a credit or debit card.

    Register notifiable work

  3. Once you have completed the form and paid, you will be emailed a copy of the completed registration.

    You must send a copy to the customer/occupier within 20 business days of registering the work.

  1. Gather copies of plans and other document related to the plumbing job you are registering. These will need to be submitted to us with your manual form.

    Please don't send in original documents such as qualifications unless we request them.

  2. Download the relevant manual form:

    For private persons and businesses

    Form 4—notifiable work (PDF, 81KB) 

    For public sector entities 

    Form 4a—notifiable Work (PDF, 127KB) 

  3. The manual registration process costs $46.59.

    Pay the fees and lodge the form with all documentation:

    • by mail—add your credit or debit card details to the form (Visa or Mastercard only)
    • in person at a service centre—pay by eftpos

    You can also pay by phone— 139 333, however you will still need to lodge your forms by mail or in person.

  4. A copy must be sent to the customer/occupier within 20 business days of registering the work.

Who needs a copy of the form?

You must provide a copy of the form to the occupier of the premises or any other person who asked the relevant person to carry out the work within 20 business days after the notifiable work is finished. This includes when an invoice is issued for a progress payment for a stage of work involving notifiable work. 

What happens if I don't register the notifiable work?

It is an offence to:

  • not register notifiable work (Form 4/4a)
  • not supply a copy to the occupant.

A maximum penalty of 60 penalty units can be applied for each offence.

The QBCC regularly conducts audits to check that licensees are correctly identifying notifiable work and registering Form 4 with the QBCC within the 10 business days of work being finished.

Local governments may also carry out audit inspections of notifiable work to check that it meets relevant plumbing codes and standards.

Find out when you can get audited.

FAQ & tips for registering

Yes, as the licence holder, you can select a nominated representative to register notifiable work on your behalf through myQBCC. This can be a family member involved in the plumbing business or an employed administrator. 

Similarly, the licensee has the ability to change or remove the nominated representative at any time. Find more information by accessing Notifiable Work (Form 4/4a) Submission – Plumber and Drainer User Guide (PDF, 1MB).

When lodging a Form 4/4A, licensees must make sure that they select all the types or categories of work that they have performed. 

This information is important, as it lets the QBCC and local governments know what work has been performed to make sure that all records are accurate and assist with compliance audits. 

Where more than one category of notifiable work is performed under the same single transaction, only one form needs to be registered. In determining whether a combination of tasks form part of the same transaction (job), then consider the following factors:

  • whether the work was included in a single work order contract
  • when the work was completed and ready to be used by the occupant of the premises
  • when the licensee issued an invoice for the work.

An example carrying out work in two or more categories in the same job is:

  • removal, alteration, or extension to the water supply pipework (category 1)
  • installation of a new water heater (category 6)
  • installation of a temperature control device (category 5)

A public sector entity includes:

  • a department
  • an agency, authority, commission, corporation, instrumentality, office or other entity established under an Act for a public or State purpose
  • a government-owned corporation
  • a rail government entity

A SEQ water distributer/retailer is not a public sector entity.

The legislation states that the relevant person is responsible for registering Form 4/4a with the QBCC. A relevant person is: 

  • where work is carried out for or by a public sector entity
  • the licensed contractor supervising the carrying out of, or directing another person to carry out the work, whether or not the contractor is also a licensee for the work 
  • the person who supervises the carrying out of or directs another person to carry out the work; or
  • the licensee who carries out the work. 

If there are multiple licensees, one licensee (as a responsible person for the work) registers the Form 4/4a on behalf of the other licensees. You can list as many people as necessary in the 'licensed person who did the work' section, so the details of all licensees involved are recorded.

Last reviewed: 14 Feb 2024 Last published: 14 Feb 2024
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