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Within certain conditions your home warranty cover can be:

  • changed:
    • to correct errors of fact
    • to increase or decrease the value of the project, if an error was made when the policy was first taken out
    • to change details of cover, e.g. when cover is taken out for multiple units and the number of units is incorrect
  • cancelled:
    • if the project does not go ahead
    • is deemed to be something other than residential work
  • amended:
    • when contract variations increase or decrease the value of the project.

Changing, cancelling or amending standard insurance cover is the responsibility of your contractor, although you may also need to sign some documents.

We will pay any refunds to you or the builder, depending on your contract arrangements. In some cases we may need to ask you to show evidence of the premium amount you have paid to the builder so we can pay a refund to you.

Cancel optional additional cover

Optional additional cover can also be cancelled and is the home owner's responsibility. The refund will be paid to the home owner.

You can cancel optional additional cover if:

  • you request this cancellation in writing
  • the construction work has not started
  • the contract between you and the licensed contractor has come to an end
  • it is less than 1 year since the day the contract was signed
  • the deposit has been refunded, less lawful deductions.

How to cancel optional additional cover

You must cancel optional additional cover by requesting it in writing, either: 

Last reviewed: 27 Sep 2021 Last published: 27 Sep 2021
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