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The legislation listed below sets out the legal framework for the administration of the National Construction Code (NCC) in Queensland. The NCC sets out the performance and general requirements for construction of a house, building or plumbing and drainage installation. The relevant laws and codes allow for the Commissioner, QBC Board and the Adjudication Registrar to develop policies to guide the delivery of the QBCC's services and regulatory functions.

Queensland legislation


This legislation addresses licensing, the licensee register, statutory insurance and building products.

Building Act 

The QBCC administers provisions of the Building Act 1975 including certification and pool safety.

Security of payment 

This legislation addresses adjudication and project trust account requirements. 

Plumbing and drainage 

This legislation addresses plumbing and drainage licensing, the Services Trades Council and the role of local governments.

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code (NCC) is Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings.

As a performance-based code, it sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings.

The NCC includes the Building Code of Australia (Volumes One and Two) and the Plumbing Code of Australia (Volume Three).

  • Volume One: relates primarily to Class 2 to 9 buildings (commercial construction).
  • Volume Two: relates primarily to Class 1 and 10 buildings (residential housing).
  • Volume Three: relates primarily to plumbing and drainage associated with all classes of buildings.

The Australian Building Codes Board, on behalf of the Australian Government and each State and Territory government, produces and maintains the National Construction Code.

Last reviewed: 6 Oct 2021 Last published: 6 Oct 2021
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