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This section is a guide only. It does not guarantee your pool complies with all relevant laws. We cannot provide site-specific advice. We recommend you engage a licensed pool safety inspector to inspect your pool and confirm it is compliant.

Pool owners are required by law to ensure their pool is fenced and meets the swimming pool safety standard. The standard covers:

  • the required height and strength of fences
  • non-climbable zones
  • gates and their self-closing and self-latching requirements
  • how to prevent direct access from a building into a pool area
  • mandatory pool signage.

Penalties for not complying

You must make sure your pool complies with pool safety standards. Your local council is authorised to check your pool complies and can fine you if it does not. 

You need to register your pool with us. If you don't register your pool, we can fine you.

Even if your spa has a lockable lid it must also have a fence around it and must comply with the pool safety standard.

More information

Read more about pool safety guidelines:

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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