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At the time administrators were appointed, PBS Building had two projects that required a project trust account, with a related retention trust account: 

  • Design and Construction Works - Bokarina Beach “The Curl” (Lot 901) Civil, Landscaping, Streetscapes and Homes
  • Stage 5 to 8 Homes for Latitude 25 RV Lifestyle Community.

Who do I contact if I am owed money by PBS Building? 

The administrators RSM, are responsible for determining the outcome of all outstanding payments for PBS Building projects and administering the project trust accounts, from the date of their appointment on 7 March 2023. This includes administering payments due to beneficiaries of the above project trusts and all subcontractors and other parties.  

The timeframes RSM use as administrator to determine outstanding payment is unknown to the QBCC and is dependent on their confirmation of outstanding payments for PBS Buildings operations.  

The QBCC encourage all persons who consider themselves to be beneficiaries for the above trust projects, subcontractors and suppliers who are owed money by PBS Building to register any outstanding payments with the administrators immediately.  

Beneficiaries of PBS Building project trusts 

If you believe you are a beneficiary of these trust projects – or a subcontractor who has performed work for either of these projects and is owed payment for this work - you must register your proof of any outstanding payments with the administrator, ensuring you specify which trust project consider you are owed money for. 

You can register any outstanding payments by contacting RSM directly via email at pbs_creditors@rsm.com.au or call them on 02 6217 0228. 

Creditors of PBS Building projects 

If you are not a beneficiary but are owed money from PBS Building for these projects or any other project under PBS Building (i.e. you are a creditor but not a trust beneficiary), you should still register any outstanding payment.  

You can register any outstanding payments by contacting RSM directly via email at pbs_creditors@rsm.com.au or call them on 02 6217 0228.  

Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2023 Last published: 27 Apr 2023
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