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Under the Information Privacy (IP) Act you may apply to amend documents containing your personal information held by QBCC where you believe relevant information is:

  • inaccurate
  • misleading
  • out of date
  • incomplete.

This is known as an Information Privacy (IP) request.

Before lodging your application, please contact us to check if your personal information can be amended informally by our customer service staff.

There is no fee to apply to have your information amended.

How to apply

Download and complete:

Apply to amend personal information—RTI (PDF, 128KB)

You will need to provide us with:

If someone (including a legal representative) is acting on your behalf or as your agent, you must provide:

  • evidence that they have authority to act on your behalf
  • a certified copy of their proof of identity
  • a certified copy of your proof of identity.

Lodge the completed form and supporting documents to us by mail or email.

What happens next?

We will assess your request. It may take up to 25 business days from the date we receive your application for us to provide an outcome from your application. We may request more time if the application is large or complex.

After we send you the result of your request, you can ask for a review of the decision if you don’t agree with the decision or outcome. 

Last reviewed: 14 Oct 2021 Last published: 14 Oct 2021
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