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Public warning

The QBCC is urging consumers, contractors and suppliers to be cautious in their dealings with Mr Mark Ian Crellin, the business “Full Boar Building”, ABN: “12 830 848 118” and/or the alias “Mark Murray”.

Mark Ian Crellin does not hold a licence under the Queensland and Building Construction Commission Act 1991.

Mr Crellin is associated with a number of business names including but not limited to:

  • Mark Murray
  • Full Boar Building

Mr Crellin is believed to be currently operating in the Cairns area.

As Mr Crellin does not currently hold a QBCC licence he must not carry out, advertise for, or enter into contracts to carry out, “building work” in Queensland. “Building Work” is defined by the QBCC Act and generally includes work at a value of more than $3,300.

The QBCC further urges consumers, contractors and suppliers to be cautious in respect of requirements in the QBCC Act regarding advertising, commencing building work before a regulated contract complies with the requirements of the QBCC Act and taking excess deposits more than the maximum allowed under the QBCC Act.

The QBCC warns all persons dealing with Mr Crellin, his business “Full Boar Building” and the alias of “Mark Murray” in the Cairns region to exercise extreme caution and seek legal advice before making any payments, to protect their interests.

The QBCC strongly encourages consumers to always use the free licence check on the QBCC website to confirm that the person they are dealing with is licensed appropriately. The QBCC website also offers a free “Find a Local Contractor” search, that allows you to find licensed and skilled tradespersons in your local area.

Further information on licensing requirements can be found at as can information on “building work” and “carrying out building work” or contact the QBCC on 139 333.

Last reviewed: 23 Nov 2021 Last published: 23 Nov 2021
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