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A building product is considered a NCBP if it is any of the following:

The Minister can make a recall order in respect of NCBPs. The responsible person for the building product must comply with the order, including the requirement not to supply or install the product. 

Building products may also be subject to a corresponding recall order, for example, where a product is recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). These are also captured by Queensland’s NCBP laws. Failure to follow the requirements stated in recall orders issued by the QBCC or a corresponding recall order, is a regulatory offence under the Queensland Building and Construction Act 1991 (QBCC Act) and may give rise to the issuing of a penalty infringement notice or prosecution.   

If a person who designs, manufactures, imports, supplies, or installs a building product sees that the ACCC have recalled a building product they have a duty to report this to the QBCC.  

As required, the ACCC will notify the public of recalled products including building products.  

Some recent recall notices issued by the ACCC for building products include:

A full list of ACCC product recalls can be found on their website, along with information about what to do if affected by a recall.

For more information visit Your responsibilities with NCBP.


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If you have any questions as to how the NCBP laws apply to you, you should obtain appropriate independent professional advice regarding how to discharge your duties under the QBCC Act and achieve compliance with relevant regulatory provisions for building products. This is especially important if you (or your company) intend to later rely upon that advice to demonstrate satisfaction of your duties under Part 6AA of the QBCC Act or other legislative obligations. 

Last reviewed: 20 Feb 2023 Last published: 20 Feb 2023
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