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Generally, if you have completed an apprenticeship, you will meet the experience requirements for applying for a trade class of licence. 

For those required to supply extra evidence of experience, your application must include information that demonstrates you have personally performed and/or supervised work.   

Who must demonstrate their experience 

Classes requiring evidence of experience include: 

Visit the individual class pages for specific experience requirements. Follow the guide below to understand what documentation will demonstrate to us that you have the relevant experience. 

How to demonstrate experience     

Builders, building designers, project managers 

Typically, builders will need to provide details of 2 or 4 years' experience (number of years is based on your qualifications) where you carried out building work covered in the relevant scope of work. In some cases, you may also be required to supply names of referees. 

You will need to provide the following details: 

  • date range of when work was carried out 
  • description of the work including detail about the type of construction 
  • your employer’s name 
  • your supervisor’s name 
  • referees. 

Describing your work  

Do include these types of work:

  • supervision and management of different trades 
  • work on different stages of the building (base, frame, footings, etc.) 
  • different types of building work (renovations, extensions, new builds) 
  • different classes of buildings (Class la - residential dwelling, Class 2 - apartments) 
  • exact timeframes (we undertake independent searches to confirm timeframes) 
  • examples where you have performed the supervision and management of the site 
  • examples where you have tendered for work or contracts 
  • stage inspections and meetings 
  • project management services 
  • projects that you coordinated and scheduled work 
  • manage finances including payment of subcontractors. 

Don’t include these types of work:

  • projects where you were only performing trade work
  • any works prior to obtaining the technical qualification for the licence
  • examples that cannot be confirmed by QBCC
  • projects where you are unsure of the timeframe
  • projects where you were not performing the management and/or supervision.


If you need to provide details of your experience in your application, you must supply the names and contact details of at least 3 appropriately licensed contractors who can verify your experience in the scope of work you are applying for. Your referees must also be able to confirm this experience in writing. 

A suitable referee: 
  • is a person who holds a licence or qualification at the same or greater level than the licence that you are applying for 
  • must confirm your on-site experience by completing the referee report on the licence application. 

Proof of identity 

Along with evidence of your technical qualifications and/or experience, you must provide proof of identity and state the place and country of your birth. 

We require either certified copy of either a:

  • driver licence 
  • passport.

Plumbing and drainage occupational classes 

Go to the licence class page to download the form to identify the exact scope of work you need to gain experience for. Work with your supervisor to attain competency in each item, filling in the form as you go.

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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