What happens after you lodge your complaint?

If you have submitted your complaint online, you'll receive an automatic email response which provides a case number.  You can refer to this if you need to contact us.

Your complaint will be assigned to a QBCC Officer who will contact both you and your principal contractor to discuss the details and may ask for further information or documents.

If a building inspector is assigned to your case, they may contact you and the principal contractor to try and resolve the dispute. If this is unsuccessful, the building inspector or technical consultant may carry out a site inspection.

We may issue a Direction to Rectify to the contractor

Following a site inspection, we may issue a Direction to the contractor, and any relevant subcontractor, to rectify defective building work. In most cases, this requires a 28-day minimum rectification period.

In the case where a contractor fails to comply with a Direction, we may;

  • commence disciplinary action in the QCAT or Magistrates Court; or
  • for residential construction work (covered by a Certificate of Insurance), the work may be rectified as a claim under the insurance policy

Complaint process