Apply for a licence

Moving from overseas

If you want to work in the construction industry in Queensland and need to get a licence, you’ll have to hold an Australian qualification to meet our technical qualification requirement.

If you have a licence in New Zealand, you may be able to apply through the Mutual Recognition process.  

How to apply

If you are a plumber and drainer, please see 'How to apply - for plumbers and drainers migrating from overseas' below.

  1. Choose your licence class. Each licence class outlines the scope of work, qualifications and experience requirements. 
  2. Get your qualification/s recognised or assessed. If you have a qualification that you think may be equivalent to the one listed for your licence class, you may be able to get it recognised or may already meet requirements.  The following organisations may assist you:
    • Recognition of prior learning - This process allows you to have your overseas skills and experience assessed
    • Professional organisation membership -If you hold a post-trade overseas qualification (Diploma, Degree, etc.) and you are a member of a professional organisation (RICS, CIOB, EA etc. in Australia or overseas), you may meet the technical qualifications for a licence. Please contact us for further information.
    • Overseas trade assessment bodies - If you are still living overseas, a registered training organisation may be able to assess and recognise your qualification in certain trades in your home country. Find out  which assessment body can recognise your trade.
  3. Apply for a licence  - find out more detail about the application process and download a form.

How to apply - for plumbers and drainers migrating from overseas

The process to obtain a licence as a plumber and drainer is different to the other licence classes.

Overseas applicants must be assessed and approved by the Complex Licensing Panel before you can proceed to evidential profiling with an authorised provider. Please note if you are unsuccessful you may be required to undergo a four year apprenticeship to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to gain a plumbers or drainage licence in Queensland.

After evidential profiling you will be issued with a provisional licence (with conditions) that may require you to undergo further studies within a two year period. You must provide proof of enrolment (minimum of six modules) prior to gaining a provisional licence (with conditions). 

For an overseas applicant to apply for a licence as a plumber and drainer (or both at the same time), please provide the following:

Fill in:

If you previously held a plumbing licence but let it lapse because you were overseas, reapply by sending in Form 21 and fee (see schedule).